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We want to start conversations about local happenings and experiences in Montreal and around the globe. We consider and write about the world around us from our own critical sociolinguistic lenses. We welcome you to join the conversation and share your own local perspective(s) about issues related to Belonging, Identity, Language, and Diversity (BILD).

Want to be a guest BILD blogger? Here’s how:

Send a (tentative) title, brief author bio (50-100 words), and either a short synopsis of your post or a full draft to BILD Guest Blog Editor, Mela Sarkar at bildlida@gmail.com. Let us know how your post contributes to conversations about Belonging, Identity, Language, and Diversity.

• BILD posts are short – 500-1000 words – and should include photos (submitted as separate files), links to social media, videos, etc. to make it interactive for our readership. Posts can also be in any language varieties or combination of languages.

• To provide readers with more accessibility to our content and to add a personal touch, we encourage audio recording your blog, which will be hosted on BILD’s SoundCloud account and be posted at the top of your blog.

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