Volume 6(3): 2022 – Special Issue, LPP2020 Part 2

Special Issue Guest Editor

~ Mela Sarkar, McGill University

Issue 6(3) is the second of two special issues from the 2020 LPP (Language Policy and Planning conference) that was planned, but cancelled due to Covid uncertainties, to take place at McGill University in Montreal. Part 1 can be found in Issue 6(1).

As always, J-BILD would like to recognize the contributions of the peer mentors and copy editors who collaborated with the authors of manuscripts for this issue. Thank you to the following:

Peer Mentors

Marlise Horst, Concordia University

Paul Meighan-Chiblow, McGill University

Copy Editor

Mela Sarkar, McGill University


The Language Policy and Planning Conference before, during and “after” the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Three-year Wrap

~ Mela Sarkar, McGill University

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Research Studies

The Secret Handshake of Dutch: How the Dutch Have Systematically Denied Access to their Language in the Caribbean

~ Terri Lynne Bakker, Language Planning and Policy Coordinator: Saba and St. Eustatius, Saba Educational Foundation

Towards the introduction of the teaching of technical English in Technical education in Cameroon: Pre-requisites and Prospects

~ Innocent Fasse Mbouya, University of Douala, Cameroon

~ Alain Flaubert Takam, University of Lethbridge, Canada