Volume 1(1): 2017

Volume 1(1): 2017

Thank you to the following mentors and editors who collaborated with the authors of manuscripts for this issue.

Peer Mentors:

Rhonda Chung, Concordia University
Rinelle Evans, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Sumanthra Govender, McGill University
Catherine Levasseur, University of Montreal
Stephen Peters, McGill University
Saeed Rezaei, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Caroline Riches, McGill University
Mela Sarkar, McGill University
Kristine Sudbeck, Nebraska Indian Community College

Copy Editors:

Bethany Cross, McGill University
Patricia Houde, McGill University
Claire Jansen, University of Tasmania
Joseph Tongkeh Fowale, McGill University


Volume 1(1) Editorial

~Alison Crump and Lauren Godfrey-Smith

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Research Studies

Unofficial multilingualism in an intercultural province:  Polyvocal responses to policy as lived experience

~ Casey Burkholder, Alison Crump, Lauren Godfrey-Smith, and Mela Sarkar

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Universal design for belonging:  Living and working with diverse personal names

~ Karen Pennesi

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Les représentations sociales sur les langues d’élèves de la fin de l’élémentaire en contexte francophone minoritaire

~ Joël Thibeault et Carole Fleuret

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Critical Literature Reviews

Identity as a research lens in science and physics education

~ Chris Gosling

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Understanding the connections between second language teacher identity, efficacy, and attrition:  A critical review of recent literature

~ Philippa Parks

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Research Proposal

Issues related to interprovincial migration in Quebec:  A Latin American perspective

~ Milagros b. Calderón Moya

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