Volume 4(2): 2020

Volume 4(2): 2020

Thank you to the following peer mentors and copy editors who collaborated with the authors of manuscripts for this issue.

Peer Mentors:

Roswita Dressler, University of Calgary
Behzad Mansouri, University of Alabama
Philippa Parks, McGill University
Caroline Riches, McGill University
Samantha Traves, McGill University

Copy Editors:

Bethany Cross, McGill University
Patricia Houde, Universidad de Guanajuato & Université de Sherbrooke
Bryan Meadows, Seton Hall University
Philippa Parks, McGill University
Lauren Strachan, Concordia University


Inviting Reflection

~ Alison Crump

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Critical Literature Review

Nativespeakerism Within The Asian Context

~ Hector Alvarez

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Plurilingual Pedagogy in Switzerland: Practices and Challenges

~ Lexa Frail and Lisa Gonzales

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Research Proposal

The Sense of Belonging of Second-Generation Arab Youth in Montreal: Research Proposal

~ Mona El Samaty

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Research Studies

Speaking Another Language: Australian Multilingual Films

~ Claire McCarthy

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Teacher Identities in Heritage Language Education: The Case of Greek Heritage Language Teachers in Montreal and Toronto

~ Emmanouela Tisizi

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