Volume 5(2): 2021

Thank you to the following peer mentors and copy editors who collaborated with the authors of manuscripts for this issue.

Peer Mentors:

Roswita Dressler, University of Calgary
Jae DiBello Takeuchi, Clemson University, South Carolina
Gene Vasilopoulos, University of Ottawa

Copy Editors:

Lisa De Paola, Concordia University
Ed Griffiths, Concordia University
Lauren Strachan, Concordia University


Crossing Language Ideological Divides

~ Alison Crump, Mela Sarkar, and Lauren Strachan

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Research Studies

Promoting Inclusive Plurilingual Practices in Ontario’s Francophone Elementary Schools: The Views and Practices of Principals and Teachers

~ Francis Bangou, Carole Fleuret, Marie-Philip Mathieu, and Bianca Jeanveaux

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Student Identity in the Indian University: Language and Educational Stereotypes in Higher Education

~ Jessica Chandras

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Critical Literature Review

The Complexity of International Student Identity

~ Wei Liu and Andrew Rathbone

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Book Review

Persianate Selves: Memories of Place and Origin before Nationalism

~ Irena Grigoriyan

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