Volume 4(1): 2020

Volume 4(1): 2020

Thank you to the following peer mentors and copy editors who collaborated with the authors of manuscripts for this issue.

Peer Mentors:

Casey Burkholder, University of New Brunswick
Ron Darvin, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Schallum Pierre, Université Laval
Caroline Riches, McGill University
Samantha Traves, McGill University
Gregory Tweedie, University of Calgary

Copy Editors:

Bethany Cross, McGill University
Patricia Houde, Universidad de Guanajuato & Université de Sherbrooke
Claire McCarthy, University of Tasmania
Bryan Meadows, Seton Hall University


Editorial 4(1): Serving the Common Good during a Pandemic through Scholarly Publishing

~ Lauren Halcomb-Smith and Alison Crump

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Critical Literature Review

Semiotics of Transgression: Authentication and Denaturalization in Youth Language

~ Catherine Tebaldi

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Research Proposal

Research Proposal: Exploring Heteroglossic Approaches through a Comparative Case Study of Spanish-English Bilingual Schools

~ Esther Bettney

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Research Studies

Persévérance scolaire de jeunes et jeunes adultes nouveaux arrivants haïtiens face aux besoins d’encadrement institutionnel à Montréal

~ Venus Darius

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“First they Americanize you and then they throw you out”: A LangCrit Analysis of Language and Citizen Identity

~ Marinka Swift

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Digital Autobiographical Identity Texts as Critical Plurilingual Pedagogy

~ Christina Tjandra, James Corcoran, Maria Gennuso, and Allison Rose Yeldon

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