Volume 2(2): 2018

Volume 2(2): 2018

Thank you to the following peer mentors, who collaborated with the authors of manuscripts for this issue.

Peer Mentors:

Taylor Floyd Ellis, University of Manitoba
Magali Forte, Simon Fraser University
Behzad Mansouri, University of Alabama
Silvia Melo-Pfeifer, University of Hamburg
Bonnie Stewart, University of Windsor
Arzina Zaver, McGill University

Copy Editors:

Bethany Cross, McGill University
Lauren Strachan, Concordia University
Joel Thibeault, University of Regina
Emmanouela Tisizi, McGill University
Joseph Tongkeh Fowale, McGill University


Editorial 2(2): BILDing Optimism in Uncertain Times

~ Alison Crump, Lauren Halcomb-Smith, and Mela Sarkar

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Research Studies

Pratiques de Littératie Familiales d’Élèves Hispanophones

~ Marie-Pier Bastien et Carole Fleuret

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Thinning the Classroom Walls: Graduate Student Perspectives on Blogging as Pedagogy

~ Alison Crump

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Speaking to our Minds, Hearts, and Hands: A Cogenerative Inquiry on Learning through an Interdisciplinary Land-Based Course

~ Eun-Ji Amy Kim, S. J. Adrienna Joyce, Annie Desjardins, and Yuwen Zhang

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Reframing FSL Teacher Learning: Small Stories of (Re)Professionalization and Identity Formation

~ Mimi Masson

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Les Identités Multiples des Jeunes Canadiens

~ Sylvie Roy et Julie Byrd Clark

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Supporting Reconnecting Immigrant Families with English Language Learners in Rural Schools: An Exploratory Study of Filipino Arrivals to Alberta

~ M. Gregory Tweedie, Anja Dressler, and Cora-Leah Schmitt

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