Current Issue

Volume 3(1): 2019

Thank you to the following peer mentors and copy editors who collaborated with the authors of manuscripts for this issue.

Peer Mentors:

Magali Forte, Simon Fraser University
Joel Thibeault, University of Regina

Copy Editors:

Patricia Houde, McGill University
Lauren Strachan, Concordia University


Editorial 3(1): Behind the Scenes at J-BILD

~ Alison Crump, Lauren Halcomb-Smith, and Mela Sarkar

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Research Studies

“How am I supposed to teach them French when they can’t even speak English?”: Unpacking the Myth of English Proficiency as a Prerequisite for French Immersion

~ Stephen Davis

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Critical Literature Review

Les défis et les réussites de l’intégration des perspectives autochtones en éducation : synthèse des connaissances dans les recherches menées au Canada

~ Isabelle Coté

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