Current Issue

Volume 2(1): 2018

Thank you to the following peer mentors, who collaborated with the authors of manuscripts for this issue:

Caroline Dault, HEC Montreal
Sumanthra Govender, McGill University
Claude Quevillon Lacasse, Université du Québec à Montréal
Irina Lenchuk, Dhofar University, The Sultanate of Oman
Behzad Mansouri, University of Alabama
Saeed Rezaei, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Caroline Riches, McGill University
Mela Sarkar, McGill University
Aisha Sayidina, American University of Sharjah
Joel Thibeault, University of Regina


Volume 2(1) Editorial: Opening scholarship and rethinking peer review

~ Alison Crump and Lauren Halcomb-Smith

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Research Studies

A distinctive use of R as a marker of Santomean identity

~ Marie-Eve Bouchard

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“Maybe Jesus knows sign”: Resistance through identity formation

~ Timothy Loh

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Spanish language ideologies in New Mexico and their impact on Spanish language learners

~ Sarah O’Brien

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Navigating competing identities through stance-taking: A case of Ukranian teenagers

~ Elizabeth Peacock

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Listening instruction and patient safety: Exploring medical English as a lingua franca (MELF) for nursing education

~ Gregory Tweedie and Robert Johnson

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Critical Literature Reviews

L’enseignement du français chez les Premières Nations d’hier à aujourd’hui : Enjeux didactiques, pratiques pédagogiques et compétence plurilingue

~ Nancy Crépeau and Carole Fleuret

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A case for policy analysis in minority language discourse: A critical literature review

~ Taylor Ellis

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Designing opportunities to support pre-service teachers in noticing and understanding how to position students competently: A critical overview of supporting literature

~ Hailey Iacono

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