The Journal of Belonging, Identity, Language, and Diversity/ Revue de langage, d’identité, de diversité et d’appartenance  (J-BILD/R-LIDA) is a semi-annual open access, non-anonymized, peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly works from all stages of the research cycle, including research proposals, literature reviews, research articles, and book/article reviews. Our aim is to promote academic scholarship and critical discourse related to issues of belonging, identity, language and diversity, particularly as they intersect with the fields of Education, Sociolinguistics, Critical Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics, and Linguistic Anthropology. In an effort to support emerging voices in scholarly conversations, we welcome submissions from graduate students and new scholars.

The J-BILD/R-LIDA is a volunteer-run journal managed by Senior Managing Editor Dr. Alison Crump, Managing Editor Dr. Lauren Godfrey-Smith, and Senior Advisor Dr. Mela Sarkar.