A summer like no other

Lac aux castors au coucher du soleil

We would like to collectively thank our contributors for sharing their stories and thoughts with the BILD community over the 2019-2020 year.

Language has allowed us to vicariously travel to China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, and Scotland.

We have plunged deeply into family life, from those still living with us to the generations that came before, across many lands.

And we have surfaced into thoughts about the global role of education, class, the allophone learner perspective, inverting the classroom, and even the classroom itself, right down to the verb.

We’ve talked of language in terms of art, literature, poem, and song.  

As we enter into the bloom of summer, we reflect on a year marked by social and health crises or κρισις, and on why, along with city streets around the globe, the streets of Montreal are quiet—and have been that way for a while now. The next couple of months will be a time of reflection and, we hope, of recovery.

Nevertheless, we look forward to the coming year and to what lies ahead. We hope ways will be found for us to be together in person, as well as online, while remaining safe.

While we are on our summer break, you can continue to follow us on Facebook.com/bildlida as we share thought-provoking posts from our archives and from other sources we will explore. We also encourage you to check out the Spring 2020 issue of our journal, J-BILD.

All of us here at BILD/LIDA look forward to starting our seventh year of blog posting in September. See you then!

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