Immersion langagière à Toronto avant le début de la session (par Édouard Laniel-Tremblay)

This second “hors série” post by a McGill MA student who was inspired to write about the recent Language Policy and Planning conference in Toronto comes to you mid-week. We are seizing every possible opportunity to remind our readers that BILD will take over the organizing of this conference the year after next. We hope to see you in Canada’s most linguistically politicized city in August 2020. Montreal—where language policy and planning are what you pick up at the dépanneur…

Du 24 au 26 août dernier s’est déroulée à Toronto la septième édition de la conférence Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy and Planning (Approches multidisciplinaires en politiques et planification linguistiques)

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How Will I Belong? (by Afrouz Tavakoli)

The guest blogger who opens our regular blogging for 2018-19, Afrouz Tavakoli, is a second year Educational Studies PhD student in the Department of Integrated Studies at McGill University. She completed a degree in Women’s Studies at Concordia University and has a BA in International Relations from Webster University of Geneva, Switzerland. Afrouz is interested in the process of identity formation and belonging as relational and social phenomena. Her inspiration in writing a graphic novel, excerpted here (illustrations by M. Ali Ziaie), was to deconstruct how the interplay of social and power dynamics influences the sense of self and belonging of migrants. Through the graphic novel form she has examined the additional challenges for those immigrants who are categorized as Muslim and Middle Eastern in the current Islamophobia era. In her doctoral dissertation, by drawing on critical pedagogy, Afrouz will be studying how educational institutions in Canada can facilitate self-conscious awareness raising of Middle Eastern Muslim women so that they can autonomously craft and integrate their dual identity as Canadian-Muslim women. Continue reading

Starting the 2018-2019 academic year with some planning for Language Policy and Planning (by James Meanwell)

Welcome to BILD’s fifth year of active blogging! We start off this September with a PRE-regular post about last week’s Language Policy and Planning conference at the University  of Toronto’s OISE  (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education). McGill MA student James Meanwell attended and wrote it up for us; we wanted to get the news out while LPP2018 still is news. There is a strong probability that from 2020 on, LPP will move to Montreal under BILD’s auspices, so where this conference is concerned we are looking ahead as well as back. Watch this space—our regular posts will start next Sunday, September 9th.

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Summertime is here…

BILD/LIDA is going to take some time to soak up the warm rays of summer.

While we are on this break, you can continue follow us on as we will be sharing thought-provoking posts from our archives and from various articles we discover.

We will be back in the fall with more featured blog posts, articles from J-BILD, and much more. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Wishing you happy summer days and nights.

Reflections on a year of building community through J-BILD (by Alison Crump – J-BILD Senior Managing Editor & Lauren Halcomb-Smith -J-BILD Managing Editor)

We’re happy to be back to the BILD blog. It has been a year since we wrote our last post (Q&A with J-BILD Editorial Team). That was as J-BILD, the open source, collaborative peer mentoring journal that we are managing together, was just getting off the ground. Here we are a year later, with two solid issues under our belt. Take a look! We thought we’d end this academic year of BILD blog posts with some reflections on the journal processes—what has worked well; some challenges we’ve encountered; and our hopes for the future of J-BILD.

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